Glossary of Terms

Apport: Any object transported through matter by the use of psychic power.

Astral Travel: Travel by the individual's Spirit, usually during bodil sleep.

Aura: The fields of the various, and varying energies that emanate from, and flow around each person.

Circle: A gathering of people who wish to communicate with discarnate Spirit.

Clairaudience: The ability to hear discarnate Spirit voices.

Clairesentience: The ability to see discarnate Spirit forms.

Communication: Contact  between incarnate and discarnate Spirit forms.

CSNU: Certificate of Recogniton of the Spiriualist' National Union.

Developing Circle: A circle held on a regular basis for the purpose of developing psychic or mediumistic gifts.

Direct voice: The formation of a boice box, using ectoplasm, which can produce a sound similar to the discarnate Spirit's own voice.

Discarnate: Existence without a physical body.

DSNU: Diploma of the Spiritualist' Nationl Union.

Earth Plane: Description sometimes used to differentiate the ordinary Earth life from the Spirit world.

Ectoplasm: A substance drawn from the human body by Spirit operators fro use in the production of phenomena.

Ego: The self-consciousness of the individual: often called the Soul.

Elemental: Term used to describe a nature spirit.

Elongation: A rare and peculiar phenomenon of physical mediumship in which the body of a medium seems to grow in stature.

Entity: A discarnate personality. An Individual.

E.S.P.: Extra-sensory perception. This is a scientific term for perception without the use of the recognised sense organs. Often used to explain away mediumship.

Etheric Body: See Spirit Body.

Etheric Plane: Tern coined in the late nineteenth century to describe the Spirit World.

Evidence: Proven, or provable fact.

Extra: The appearance of a spirit face or figure on a photograph or photographic plate.

Finite: Limited, having an end or termination.

FSNU: Fellowship of the Spiritualist' National Union.

Guardian Angel: A guiding Spirit, or control, char-ed with the personal well being of the medium or indeed, of anyone.

Heaven: State of mind, In some religions this is regarded as the abode of the Deity.

Hell: State of mind, In some religions this is regarded as a place of eternal punishment.

Home Cirlce: The kernel of the Spiritualist movement. A dedicated group of friends who meet regularly in a room of an ordinary home to develop thier psychic or mediumistic gifts.

Incarnate: Existence in th physical body.

Inspiration: To breathe, to drawin. In Spiritualism it is thought drawn in from an exteral or Spirit influence.

Kilner: Dr. Walter J. Kilner, an American, noted for experimental work on the human aura, as described in his book, 'The Aura'.

LSSNU: Long Service Award of the Spiritualist' National Union.

Medium: A person who, under suitable conditons, can relay information from discarnate to incarnate beings.

Message: Communication from discarnate to incarnate beings.

MSNU: Minister of the Spiritualists' National Union.

Naming Service: Service or Ceremony, where a child or adult is given a forename and/or a Spirit name.

Overshadowing: State of very light trance control, sometimes confusied with transfiguration.

Passing: Term used by Spiritualists to replace the use of the word 'death', which implies cessation whereass 'passing' indicates the movement from one state to another.

Percussion: Physical phenomenon. Used by the Spirit communicator in the Hydesville occurrances.

Phenomena: Manifestation of Spirit presence - can be of a physical or mental nature.

Prayer: A communication, mental or vocal, addressed to a higher, or Spirit intelligence.

Private Sitting: One person only, with a Medium.

Psychic: To have a greater degree of sensitivity to mental and physical processes than is, generally to be expected.

Seance: From the French - a group or gathering.

Soul: Individualised energy from the creative source, (God).

Spirit: The intelligent, non-material part of mankind, created by the soul's energy.

Spirit Body: An energy stricture which encompasses the spirit. Within it's construction lies the blueprint for the physical body.

Trance: State of entrancement ranging from a very light sleepy sensation to total insensibility, the degree varying in relation to the necessity.

Transfiguration: Physical phenomenon. Ectoplasmic mask created by Spirit to resemble recognisable facial features of the communicating spirit.

TSNU: Teacher of the Spiritualist' National Union.

Vibration: Motion of energy particles repeated at regular intervals. The term is used by Spiritualists as a simple description of the levels of consciousness.

Water Sprinkling: A phenomenon fairly common in physical circles. Small droplets of water or, on occasion, perfume are sprinkled on sitters, by Spirit, whilst the circle is in progress.