At Tamworth Spiritualist Church we offer several circles and various workshops.


Monday - Development circle. Open to everyone who would like to learn more. Entrance £3. 12.30-2pm

Friday - Intermediate Awareness circle. You must be able to make or be aware of spirit to attend. Entrance £3, starts at 7.30pm.

For those that wish to go further in their development - Traning and awards.

Platform Accreditation: is the first step to gaining an award of the Union. It is not for the out-and-out beginner, but it is a good place to start if you are considering becoming an exponent of Spiritualism. You will receive training in demonstrating your mediumship, public speaking and platform presentation to assist you in your development. The training can be carried out locally in your District, at the Arthur Findlay College or at the Arthur Findlay Centre (Stafford). The training is over a weekend and is run by the Training and Awards Committee tutors. If successful you will be awarded Platform Accreditation and your name will then be put on to the SNU website.

For details on all the education courses from the SNU please contact the Education Committee Secretary on: edu.sec(at)

The Training and Awards Committee is a sub-committee under the Accreditation Committee of the Spiritualist' National Union. It is responsible for the training and assessment of candidates who wish to hold awards of the Union or achieve Platform Accreditation standard. No one has to gain an award: however, by going through the eduacation courses and the training to gain an award it shows you have achieved a standard within the organisation.

To find out more about Training and Awards go to