Phenomena Officer

Karen Line-Jones OSNU is the Phenomena Officer for the West Midlands (SNU)

Advice on Hauntings and Ghosts.

Many people see what they call 'ghosts' Some are mystified, some intrigued, but no one ignores this phenomenon, even though some may deny having had the experience.

There are various types of phenomena which people may refer to as a 'ghost' or a 'haunting'. One is a form of spontaneous phenomenon, commonly called a ghost or spectre, the other is an intelligent manifestation in the form of someone who lived on earth but now exists in the realms of spirit. The latter cannot be called a ghost once the facts are known. When people die the spirit separates from the physical body, which is then subsequently interred or cremated, so this type of manifestation is not a physical body but an etheric duplicate of it, which still exists. It is a 'spirit' entity.

Scientists accept that brain activity emits an electromagnetic field, which can have an effect on it's surroundings. Kirlian photography shows clearly that this electromagnetic phenomenon. Where a traumatic event has taken place, an electromagnetic imprint may occur on the etheric fields of the surrounding area, rather like a silent movie, which may be perceived by sensitive people. There are thousands of recordings of this type of phenomenon. Sometimes those who see such images get upset, thinking that the people concerned are trapped into doing the same things over and over again. This is not so: the souls of the real people have moved on after deat into a new dimension of life.

The spirit entity is different. When the time of death comes the physical body is left behind and the soul continues its progress in an etheric body. Feelings and memories are retained by the soul, which progresses basically unchanged. The love we have for others does not die. Neither do hates, hopes, ideas or prejudices. The soul is the same person but existing in a dimension not visible to the naked eye.

Sometimes when a person goes into the spirit world feeling that he has left behind some unfinished business which seems to be of vital importance to him he will make every effort to convey this to those left behind in the physical world. The numerous ways in which they may try and draw attention to these unresolved matters include switching lights on and off, moving objects, causing familiar smells and trying to communicate when the subject is off guard. It is easy to see, therefore that what people may think are 'ghosts' are not necessarily evil and may not mean any harm.

The difference between the two types of apparition is that one is a memory imprinted on a specific part of the earth's energy field, and the other is the spirit of someone who is now living a new life but still has what he considers to be important ties with the earth. The first will show from time to time but its behaviour does not vary. The second will either show themselves to particular people whom they remember, wherever they are, or to anyone who can see them. The latter is usually in the vicinity of where they lived or even worked.

How should you deal with the experience? The first thing is to identify which type of manifestation you have witnessed. The former can be unnerving but it is not likeyly to recur unless you live or work where the manifestation takes place, as there is no intelligence behind the appearance and there is little or nothing that you can do except observe.

The second type of manifestation needs to be considered more closely. It may be that the spirit is being held close to earth by thoughts of thigs left incomplete. These may seem trivial but are presumably very important to him. He may need help to breek free of these thoughts so that he can get on with his life in spirit. At this point the assistance of a medium may be needed to help resolve the situation.

Mediums are trained to make a link with those spirit entities who wish to make contact. It is port of their job and it therefore makes sense to contact a reputable medium if you have this type of problem. They will endeavour to communicate with the spirit in an attempt to establish the reason for his manifestation and to try and resolve the problem. We know that the life after death is a continuation of this life and that sometimes this continuation is so natural that the spirit does not realise that ha has 'died'. In such cases the medium will send out thoughts to direct the deprarted one towards other spirits who know and love him, who will draw close to be recognised and subsequently explain what has happened.

This is avery brief consideration of what are sometimes called 'ghosts' or 'hauntings'. It does not cover every type of phenomenon, for there are numerous possibilities in addition to the bare outlines described here. For example, poltergeist activity does not fit into any of the above categories and requires specialist attention.